Michelle Tilley is a Toronto based Fashion Designer.

Tilley has spent the last 15 years combining her love of art and fashion by creating wearable works and a line of custom accessories. She spends a great deal of time studying textiles, fashion, silversmithing, and jewelry creation both in Mexico and Toronto. Michelle Tilley designs have been sold throughout North America to independent retailers, private collectors and have been featured in advertisements and on television.

Her work as an image and wardrobe stylist has evolved throughout the years working on various motion and still projects. She is a loyal and dedicated participant in every project she works on, as well as detail-oriented to ensure that projects are met to their fullest potential.

Tilley has extended her skills to the community by creating fashion forward design workshops and image empowering programs to underprivileged youth. These programs have been very well received, and have taught her a great deal about the process of fundraising, grant writing and budgeting, along with the impact fashion and image has on the individual. 

With her bold and daring designs each piece is a one of a kind work of art.